Liek y0 d00dz I'm Derridina n I'm the Way Kewl Profess0r of DAPARTM3NT OF TOLKEIN LIETRARY COLN3S which way r00lz n iz t0dally the numb3r 1 departm3nt b0th f0r enr0llm3nts n f0r liek sch0lership n stuf n I winned lotsa h0norary d0ctorat3s n awardz n stuff. This pag3 liek sh0wcases s0me 0f my publicati0nz that r m0re accesible 2 liek teh lay audi3nce WTF OMG LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!!1!1!!!!!111!!1


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