("The Dungeons")

Living in an Oxfat college is about more than your cell - it is about being a part of a dynamic campus community. The quality of the lodging is designed to immerse the student into the regimen of self-sacrifice and endurance of hardship evinced by the Fellowship of the Ring. Housing Services works diligently to address and meet resident needs through caring, student-focused processes. Therefore, a Residence Life program that guides the formation of community through shared suffering is the animating force of FATS housing.

FATS housing offers a variety of Residence Hall options ranging from the traditional (a cell with ball and chain and deluxe bags of straw for sleeping purposes) to suites (multiple cells sharing an outhouse) and apartments. With 18 college residence halls and 25 modular housing units ("dungeons") available in Oxfat, bread and breakfast can be as enjoyable and rewarding as what Merry and Pippin experienced at the hands of the Orcs.

Economy-class Student Residential Unit

Luxury  female accommodations


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