Hell City (orcinf) -- This weekend Hell elects a new Comgress. Aside from a glorious proof of Hell's unwavering commitment to democracy, these elections will also be a first test for the new polling booths made of transparent plastic, designed to make election fraud nearly impossible.

As usual, the county is divided in seven electoral districts: Hell City North, Hell City South, Filthy, Industhry, Tasthy, Empthy and Bluh. The district Bluh consists only of the First Commissar's apartment and was introduced to make sure the First Commissar is elected in his district with a 100% result, which gives him/her/it the necessary authority to do this job.

The following parties have nominated candidates in all seven constituencies: Bolshevork Party; Bolshevork Party-Orthodox Faction; Bolshevork Party-Progressive Faction; Bolshework Party-New Way; Bolshevork Party-True Way (Majority); Bolshevork Party-True Way (Minority); Bolshevork Party-Yet Another Way; Bolshevork Party-Renewal; Bolshevork Party-The Only Real One; Bolshevork Party-The Only Real One(2).

Unexpectedly, the Fangirl Psychedelic Hair Association has met the requirements to stand in Hell City North. This has caused constant worries in the Orcish population for the past days, but today General Confomromitz promised he will deploy officers to every polling station to rule out any improper behaviour or wrong voting.

The polling stations close at 20:00 on Stalinday, with first results expected on early Potday. The Comgress has no power of its own, but it advises the ruling Commissars of the Bolshevork Party in all important issues.