Sept. 28, 2008

Hell City (orcinf) -- The staff of Commiecom's laboratories leaked the first pictures of their newest technological achievement today, a mobile computer that is destined to make a big impact on Fredonia's market. According to Dr. C. Anderpantz, the chief developer, Hell's first sub-notebook or 'netbook' is a true inter-universal cooperation. "We worked closely with our friends and comrades at Let A Thousand Dear Leaders Bloom Microtechnology, Pyongyang", Anderpantz said. "They really helped us to transcend the limits of today's technology."

Anderpantz admitted, though, that the new product was not perfect yet. "The screen is a bit small", he said. "But that was the only way to stay under the 20 kg limit, to make the notebook portable for any orc with normal physical strength." He promised, though, that this problem would be addressed in future models.

Leaked picture of the new Commiecom netbook