By Menelvagor the Enervator (ed.)

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*****    By Ooga-Drog-Hog (Capital City, Fredonia):
A gripping tale, which mirrors the events of my own life and my inner struggles.


Bibliographical Record:

040 FRED ?b ?c FRED
09@ Rogsylvanian call #: MSD05[ring of fire looking uncommonly like the more intimate portions of the female anatomy.]
096 FATS call #: BS Oula w3lfar3 5tat3 X|b .S38 34, 902
09? Fredonian call #: YA dda b1ah b1 ah |b .S38 34, 902
049 FRED
1001 Author: Sauron, |c the Great and Powerful, |c Dark Baritone, |c Base Master of Deconstructionist Analysis
24510Title: Sauron's diary / |c Menelvagor the Enervator grand baritone extraordinaire of TEUNC.
260 Published: Igneözgrad : |b Rogschildt und Sklaven, |c 34,902.
300 41 p. : |b ill. ; |c 24 cm.
5@# Balrog note: Mordor was all very well, but Sauron never quite managed to be as stylish as a Balrog. But he WAS a decent dancer of polkas, and had excellent taste in torture techniques.
566 FATS note: This filthy gallimaufrey of tawdry would-be pornography and jejune Balrog-lies should be banned in every civilized country.
5050 Contents note: Sauron's Diary -- Letters to the Leechking -- Geography of Mordor -- A pin-up of Shelob -- Orcish poetry.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): World dominion |x Amusing ways to attain.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Jewellery |x Games.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Sex, Hot.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Literary analysis |x Brilliantly subversive |x Goes with Rh-positive bloodwine only; |# Nothing else will do.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Taste and refinement X Exemplars of |z Mordor.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Ringlords.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): MORAMBAR |x Role models.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Orcs |x Are evil |x Proof.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Anti-Tolkienism |v Propaganda |x Balrogs are jerks.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Balrog baritones |x Bad scholarship |v Fabrications.
7001 Added Author: Menelvagor, |c the Enervator, |c count.
7000 Added Author: Glaurolóke, Tamfiiris M.
7102 Added Author: Mordor.