By Bluh Handkerchief

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*****    By Commissar Smeagolurtz (Hell City, Fredonia):
This little volume makes a hundred flowers bloom in my heart!


Bibliographical Record:

040 FRED ?b ?c FRED
09@ Rogsylvanian call #: %-) $$$ |b ^
096 FATS call #: C0 mmi3 X|b .H36 2008
09? Fredonian call #: TH 1ng y3h |b .H36 2008
049 FRED
1101 Author: Hell. |b Chairthing (Bluh, 223-)
24510Title: Quotations from chairthing Bluh / |c by Bluh Handkerchief.
260 Published: Hell City : |b Orcletarian Press, |c 2008.
300 99,996 p. ; |c 24 cm.
5@# Balrog note: No wonder the Orcs in that benighted land have some erroeous notions.
566 FATS note: Oh, puh-lease! What do you expect a HANDKERCHIEF to know about Tolkien?
5?? Fredonian note: I remember the incident in the Pezoplis bar a little differently.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Weird sentient thingies |v Babblings.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Orcs |z Hell |x Delusions that prove they would be happier as serfs singing charming folk-songs |y While toiling in the fields for their rightful masters.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Drivel |x Probably it got sneezed into by someone mentally impaired.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Orcs |x Are evil |x Proof.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Anti-Tolkienism |v Propaganda |x Because the proletariat SUCK.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Sentient things |x Wisdom |v Apophthegmata.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Handkerchieves |x Why they're almost as smart as pez dispensers |x But not quite.