By 'Sitting One Day on an Organ'

Availability: Can be read in the Library under surveillance. Adults only (1 copies available)


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*****    By Ooga-Drog-Hog (Capital City, Fredonia):
A gripping tale, which mirrors the events of my own life and my inner struggles.


Bibliographical Record:

040 FRED ?b ?c FRED
09@ Rogsylvanian call #: !@@(^) |b ##
096 FATS call #: T 33l |b .O73 124BC
09? Fredonian call #: XXX 0uch |b .O73 124BC
049 FRED
1001 Author: Organ, Sitting One Day on an.
24510Title: One hundred disagreeable sexual experiences / |c by Sitting One Day on an Organ.
260 Published: Free Half-City of Pornopolis : |b Hopeless Lamers, |c 124BC
300 11,542 p. : |b ill. ; |c 24 cm.
590 Local note: May only be read in the Library and under te strictest surveillance.
590 Local note: Adults only.
5@# Balrog note: What's so disagreeable about Experience # 57? It sounds warm and cozy to me.
566 FATS note: Experts debate whether this opus was written pseudonymously by Tolkien.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Sex.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Jewellery |x Games.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Being burnt alive |x Pleasure of |x Wogah!
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Lower life-forms |x Disgusting activities.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Tolkien |v Biobraphy.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Sex, Weird.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Corkscrews |x Improper use.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Sex |x How not to |v Manuals, handbooks, etc.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Arachnids |x Love life.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Meat processing plants |x Why they're not generally considered erotic.