By Sambo McSchuyster

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*****    By Sambo McS. (Imaginary Studios, Capital City, Fredonia):
This book is pure gold!(not literally), but if you REALLY want to enjoy it to the fullest, you should go to and order the Complete Special Extended Platinum Edition! For a low price of 19.95 you receive the complete imaginary book, along with great extra features, such as actual book covers you can place in your bookshelf, an actual index page with author's signature in it, and best of all - an imaginary copy of my second book "How I Wrote A Bestseller Book Without Using A Single Word", only available in this package!


Bibliographical Record:

040 FRED ?b ?c FRED
09@ Rogsylvanian call #: $$ $0$ |b 0
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049 FRED
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24510Title: How I made 300 TV-shows and never spent a dime / |c by Sambo McSchuyster.
2463: Added Title: How I made three hundred TV-shows and never spent a dime
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300 0 p. ; |c 0 cm.
5@# Balrog note: We can't be bothered.
566 FATS note: A splendid monument to Tolkienic wisdom. We hope to be able to do business with Mr. McSchuyster in future, as he shares our values.
5?? Fredonian note: This reminds me of how we handle the royal budget.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Nothing |v Mortal rubbish.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Capitalism |x Enterprising spirit.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Tolkien |x Glorious imitators.
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