The Hobbit Encyclopaedia

By F. Bumblefoot (ed.)

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*****    By Anonymous (Flying Castle, Fredonia):
Naturally, it is devoted almost entirely to genealogy and food, and the entry for BOATS was torn out years ago, but it remains the sole significant contribution of Hobbitry to Fredonian scholarship at large.


Bibliographical Record:

040 FRED ?b ?c FRED
09@ Rogsylvanian call #: %!?^* |b
09? Fredonian call #: H0 |b bit .B76
049 FRED
1102 Corporate Author: Brockhouse Badger-Baiting Club
24514Title: The Brockhouse : |b the hobbit encyclopedia.
260 Published: Schlobhol-am-Ouiskie : |b The Brockey Head, |c 1420 TA
300 1 v. : |b ill. ; |c 14 cm.
5@# Balrog note: We're hungry.
566 FATS note: Who cares? Pitiful little welfare cheats.
6@#@#RUSH (Rogsylvanian Uniform Subject Headings): Annoying puny little mortal things |x Stuff |v Rubbish.
66666FISH (FATS Institutional Subject Headings): Welfare |x Stunting effects of.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Hobbits |v Encyclopedias.
6????TRASH (Teunc Royally-Aprroved Subject Headings): Boredom.
7001 Added author: Bumbllefoot, Flimsy.