A compendium of human knowledge about cows

By Dr. Wirt Legg (ed.)

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Readers' Reviews (2) - Average: *****


*****    By D. Pflanzenteich (Barftat, Fredonia):
I really can't understand why there is a chapter about butter. Butter is a second-level bovine product, i.e. made from a first-level product (milk) without further bovine contribution. Thus, it does not fit into the range of the legendarium.

*****    By Horus Engels (Oxfat, Fredonia):
Long and mournful was the lowing of the dejected aurochses who, fried in buttermilch and raspberry jam, served as the inspiration for the infamous Pflanzenteich is too shallow to understand this; it is unto him like the beauteous rendition of Pflanzenteich reminds me of an elephant which vainly tries to caress forth the "Mondschein Sonata" on a piano.


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