A Prophet's Autobiography

By Noel Q. von Schneiffel

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Readers' Reviews (4) - Average: *****


*****    By Noel Q. von Schneiffel (Oxfat, Fredonia):
I wrote it. It is brilliant. It is the most important book ever written. Read it and be enlightened. I have donated a large number of copies to the Library.

*****    By Bqggz (Hell City, Fredonia):
What a load of crap.

*****    By Morambar (Morambarium, Fredonia):
I have read this book and the author still lives.

*****    By Ooga-Drog-Hog (Capital City, Fredonia):
A gripping tale, which mirrors the events of my own life and my inner struggles.


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5@# Balrog note: Humans are messy little things, aren't they? Tsk.
566 FATS note: He probably means well, but has some un-Morambarish notions. Access restricted to faculty who have signed loyalty oaths in bloos, or the Cnidarian or other equivalent of blood.
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