We hath founded the Meteor Club for friends and fellow-travellers of FATS. Memebership is at very reasonable rates. This club was named in honor of the words of wisdom: "FATS publications are like flaming stones thrown of nowhere; crushing the petrified, outdated ideas of the philistines, leaving lots of agitation, startlement, and damage in their wake" or something.

Members of this Club are regarded as Honorary FATSOs - those who speak the Prophetic Words unbeknowingstly. They may receive an open account at the FATS Campus Clubhouse computer, in free use for all the campus personnel. Of course, should any individuals durst to hack in and make their unauthorized contributions, hehehe, they shalt find MORAMBAR haveth not their sense of humour, and whose jokes Him liketh not, they die slowly and horriblly and imaginatively, and will be billed.


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