After nearly 13,000 years of dispensing the Wisdom of the Ainur to Hobbits and playing hopscotch with Tom Bombadil, Maggot can boast a unique pedigree and fascinating history in selling books to literary (and literal) giants, academics and the general public. Today we continue to develop book-selling best-practice, combined with Mrs. Maggot's mushrooms, which render the exploration of books even more psychotropically interesting. From the outset, 'Mr. Maggot's little shop' had a special (and vaguely hallucinogenic) air about it. 'Those who came in from the noisy, cobbled street', beaten by many goblin feetses, as chronicled in a later edition of the Oxfat Magazine, 'found quiet and an invitation, not so much spoken as conveyed by the friendly spirit of the bookseller, to scrutinise and handle the books on the shelves while groovin' out on shrooms.'

The store was originally only a hole in the ground, but quickly grew to incorporate the upstairs, cellar, and neighbouring cosmoi. Benjamoc and Henriette Maggot came to be so well regarded in Oxfat that they were elected the first-ever ET (Extreme Tolkien) Councillor for Oxfat North. Described as 'a terrible flamer' by a Don at Kellogg's Frosted Flakes College, he was not one to take notice of the opinions of others. Undeterred by the raucous laughter of the ignorant, he consistently foretold the coming of 'One Who shall renew the Academy like a cleansed elf-restroom, and bellow out the Truth like a street-corner loony.' How he would have rejoiced to see MORAMBAR's arrival in Oxfat.


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