The administrative team that now controls FATS has decided to maintain the collegiate system in order to attract tourists.  On tourist days, students are required to don picturesque native garb and speak in dialect. It goes without saying that the will of every College be in conformity with the will of the Decider and that of his wife the Grand Mamsell.

The Decider, who holds office for eternity, is the senior officer of the Academy. His wife, Grand Mamsell Salmonella Emascula Epidaemona Medea Erendis Rasputina Romanova Onassis Udunvagorovna, fulfils his functions while he is absent on a beautiful tropical island with hot babes. Five Satraps, led by the Viceregent Pseudonymus, have specific, functional responsibility for Spamming; Terrorism; Drug-Induced Hallucinations; Illicit Affairs; and Vice.

There are twenty-four Colleges and seven Permanent Private Halls, which were founded by different fan sects,
and which still retain their fannish character.

The Colleges and Halls

select and admit undergraduate students, and select graduate students after they are admitted by the Academy;
provide accommodation, meals, common rooms, libraries, sports and social facilities, sex, weapons, and indoctrination for their students.

The Academy

determines the content of courses;
provides a wide range of resources for teaching and learning in the form of libraries, laboratories, museums, computing facilities, temples, sacrificial altars, alibis, etc;
admits graduate students, examines theses;
sets and marks examinations;
awards degrees; sells souls.

Historic St. Swithun's College-in-the-Downpour


Damned Souls College
Bombadil College
Brasenose College
Flintsone College
Pifflesmug House
Borlings Hall
Green with Yellow Stripes College
Manchester United College
Kelloggs Frosted Flakes College
Lady Margaret Hall
Wiseacre College
Nutty College
Oreo College
Prembone College
St Hilda's College
St Euard the Smiley's College
St Flunkus College
St Vitus the Epileptic's College
St. Swithun's College-in-the-Downpour
Lowbrown College
Bleccccch College
Cholesterol Hall
Trans House


Pungent Madham College and Not So Pungent Borlings Hall


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