The Jellyfish Institute is a multidisciplinary programme devoted to studying and celebrating the art, literature, history, and financial acumen of jellyfish. Students enrolling in this programme are required either to have tentacles or to submit to experimentation to see if they can grow them.

Degree Requirements

Prerequisites: Aptitude Test for Torture (ATT) and Thinking and Reasoning Assessment for Pre-pre-propaganda (TRAP)

A total of 36 semester hours of graduate credit is required for the master’s degree, of which 30 must be taken in the School of Prophetic Morambar Studies. Experience in freedom fighting or sentient sexual merchandise may be substituted for 6 semester hours of credit.

Core Courses

JEL 501: How to Be a Jellyfish
JEL 502: Introductory Swishing About and Stinging
JEL 555: Masterpieces of Jellyfish Literature
JEL 591: History of Jellyfish
JEL 666: Insider Trading

Jellyfish Institute's refectory

Elective Courses

The Institute offers a wide range of courses in the following advanced competencies: Cnidariology, Organization of Revolutionary Cadres/Sales Representatives, Pseudonymology, and Causing Recessions While Rewarding Yourselves with Huge Bonuses.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination includes three (3) components: an oral section, wherein the student must say great things about jellyfish; a written section, consisting of an essay on jellyfish greatness; and a practical section, displaying swimming and stinging skills attained by the students.

Jellyfish Institute on Farmer Giles Street


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