The Ashholean is an Academy Museum and a Department of the Academy. The Museum has very close links with the faculties, and the colleges, and museum staff undertake a great deal of Academy teaching, research, and propaganda (and occasionally assassination).

The collection presented to the Academy of Oxfat (FATS' predecessor) by Liar Ashhole (1817-1892) was in origin concerned mainly with Fredonia (as FATS had not yet revealed TOLKIEN's Truth to the world), and consisted largely of pez-candy.

After it passed to MORAMBAR by right of conquest, the collection grew in scale and stature to the point where its new owner could present it to the Academy as a major scientific and Tolkienological resource. So it was that the Museum opened in Fraud Street under its first curator, Dr. Robert Plothole, as an integrated, three-part institution, comprising the collection itself, a chemistry laboratory for student-utilizing experimentation and teaching, and rooms that are sealed off for the protection of students.

Medieval Manuscript Foretelling TOLKIEN's Greatness


Degree courses at the Academy involving museum staff and collections include bachelor's degrees in Middle-earth Archaeology and Dwarfthropology; Ancient and Modern History of Middle-earth; Fredonian History; Classics (canon only); Tengwar and Cirth Studies; Fine Arts; and History of FATS.

In addition, the Ashholean hopes soon to offer elective courses to medical students (Dwarvish Plastic Surgery, Determining Whether Your Hands Are the Hands of a Healer), as well as providing a cultural resource independently of set courses. All undergraduates of FATS receive an invitation to a special cleaning event in the museum in their first year.

Petrified Troll


Collections include:


T'ang Sutra Foretelling that TOLKIEN's Pipe-smoke Will Enlighten Morambar while Chorus of Elves and Hobbits Praise Them


TOLKIEN's Sword Wherewith He Overthrew the Roman Empire. Lamers.

Elvish Art

Portrait of Egondil the Vanya before Nasty Things Happened to Him

Dwarvish Art


Hobbiton Pipe and Pipeweed Room

The Pipe TOLKIEN Smoked when He Invented Capitalism

Rogues' Gallery

Dyson Caught Cheating at Cards Again


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