There are more fees at FATS than neekerbreekers in Wilderland, and they are all mandatory unless waived by MORAMBAR (and there's even a fee for that). The fees are levied for various services or as penalties for various offenses. Failure to pay will lead not only to expulsion from the Academy, but to eternal damnation, and the flames of the Potterites and Pullmanists and Pratchettists shall be thy lot, and thou shalt be forced to read Terry Brooks.

For the sake of decency, we are leaving out discussion of our 6660-toller (per course, with various exceptions that charge even more) tuition, plus your soul.

A fee of 999.69 is charged for failure to read and respond to a post by MORAMBAR.

FATS students will pay 25 tollers per post.

The base fee for non-FATS posters who have not been convicted of being evil is 99.99 tollers per post. In addition, if they want to disagree with FATS faculty, they will pay a 300-toller False Opinion Fee (FOF).

Proven liars and trolls will pay the 499.99-toller troll fee.

See also Admissions and Offices and Services


Examples of FATS Money:

.001-Toller Note

1-Toller Pipe


9-Toller Coin

33-Toller Coin

1892-Toller Note


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